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How long does the selection of Photos take?

The selection of photos takes approximately 1 hour. This will take place shortly after your photo shoot in our comfortable viewing room. We cater for all budgets and will ensure you walk away from the experience happy and satisfied.

Do I need to make an appointment?

An appointment will guarantee you get the best time for your baby/family to ensure they are in the best mood. However we frequently have people who need a shoot asap. So if you need a session right away we can accommodate you. Just call or drop in to your nearest studio.

What if my children don鈥檛 behave?

It sometimes happens but don鈥檛 stress, we will make another appointment and try again. You can also have your photo shoot and then view your images on a separate day if your children need a break.

Are there any payment options available?

Viva offers clients Take Home Lay-by; an affordable payment plan option. Whatever your budget, Viva can accommodate it.

Can I purchase multiple products?

We cater for our clients needs with a large and effective range of products. Whatever you desire, we can accommodate.

How long will the session take?

Most photo shoots take 45 minutes to one hour, although you won鈥檛 be rushed if it does take longer. Straight after your photo shoot, you will view your images in our relaxing viewing room which takes approximately 1 hour. So in total the session will take around 2 hours.

Is it safe to give my credit details over the Internet?

Any information sent to us is encoded to make it unreadable whilst being sent over to us at Viva. Our site uses 128-bit encryption, which is the accepted standard for online transactions, so no-one will be able to intercept your details.

Do you do my makeup prior to the photography session?

We don鈥檛 offer to do make-up before a shoot because Viva is all about capturing your natural character and revealing the real you and as a result we would prefer you to come as yourself. Once you鈥檝e booked your session a member of the studio team will call you to help you prepare for your session so you get the most out of your experience.

Can I buy a Portrait gift voucher for somebody?

Viva gift vouchers are a fantastic way to celebrate those special stages in life. Whether it鈥檚 for Mother鈥檚 day, Father鈥檚 day, Christmas present, pregnancy, newborns, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, a Viva gift voucher is a fantastic present.

What can I spend my voucher credit on?

Your Viva gift voucher will entitle you to a certain amount of credit. The amount on the Voucher is used towards your photo shoot and additional prints purchased. All studios have a wide range of products to meet all budgets and we will ensure your purchases are perfect for you and your home.

How much do Viva Portraits cost?

Viva offers a wide range of display options that come in different sizes and formats. From our experience, most people spend between $325 and $2000 on a selection of beautiful images and unique framing options to suit you and your home. Many people choose to use our flexible payment plan to spread the cost of the investment.

Can I purchase all my digital images?

We do not sell digital images on their own, however, any images you purchase from your portrait session will be included on USB as a digital copy to the same size.