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Business and franchise opportunities in Melbourne, Victoria



Viva Frankston- Unit 1/32 Playne Street, Frankston

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If you are looking for a business for sale in Melbourne or franchise opportunities in Victoria state, you should consider Viva Photography. With more than 20 years in the industry, multiple franchisees in Perth and consistent growth, we provide an outstanding opportunity for serious entrepreneurs to join a successful company with enormous growth potential.

Please note this is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and business-minded people, you do not need to be a photographer to own a Viva franchise. What will ensure your success is a genuine love of people and a commitment to delivering excellent service to your customers, while leading a dynamic and creative team. Having established ourselves as the go-to company for professional wedding and portrait photography in Perth, we have since embarked on a successful expansion of our business by offering franchises for sale in Melbourne, Victoria, as well as Sydney.

Viva currently has 10 studio locations and we are continuing our expansion into the rest of the country. Melbourne, as one of Australia鈥檚 premier tourist and wedding destinations, is a natural choice, and we believe that with our fully equipped photographic studios and award-winning photographers, we have the ability to capture a substantial part of the market.

Viva has established ourselves over the years as a photographic company that is not just a franchise business; we are about capturing memories and telling stories that will last forever. We like to connect people to events and important milestones throughout their lives. We are a subtle presence at many of your life鈥檚 great moments and our expert photographers make sure they capture the day in all its splendour and emotion, giving you beautiful images you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

Whether you want a solo photo-shoot, a couple shoot for you and your partner, or a family shoot with the little ones, our photographers will make you comfortable and at ease, and make the experience an enjoyable and memorable one. Of course you鈥檒l also get a bunch of photos to laugh and cry about for years to come.

That鈥檚 what we offer at all our Viva Franchisees, and that鈥檚 what makes these franchise opportunities in Melbourne and Victoria State so promising. As an established brand, we ensure our quality and style is the same in all our franchises. By ensuring that we use only high quality, professional photographers who are both creative and empathetic, together with the latest equipment and stylish studios we have a recipe for success that has served us well for 20 years and will serve you too.