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Couples Photography

Couples photography that perfectly encapsulates your affection

Commemorate your love with a special couples photo shoot in our art-inspired studio setting. Every couple has a unique bond that comes from that unique story behind their romance. Celebrate your love and commitment in a special way that signifies your love for each other with a couples photography session at a Viva Photography studio. What better way to express how you feel about each other and tell your love story than through a personalised photographic portrait.

Viva Photography offers couples photography, Perth and Melbourne clients have used for years. Our award-winning photographers are experienced, talented and will do our utmost to accommodate all your requirements.

We encourage you to bring any props that represent you at this special time in your life, this will allow our photographers to portray you for exactly who are and the connection you both share.
Whether you are young or old, embarking on a new romance or celebrating one that has withstood the tests of time, a couple photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to capture a moment in time that will be yours forever. Nothing is more precious than finding your soul mate, or having that one person to share our most intimate times, of sharing early mornings and late nights, laughter and tears, love and heartache.

It is important as we go through life’s journey to take the time to reflect on the things that mean the most to us, and especially the people that are our world. Make the time to celebrate your special relationship and capture a memory that will be yours forever.

“We were together 20 years ago for a short time. We both married other people and have now 20 years on gotten back together. We never had any memories of our past so this is a memory of our future together. 1st love never dies!! Thank you.”

Tony & Anna 

Contact Viva Photography. We look forward to celebrating your relationship through couples photography Melbourne and Perth clients recommend.